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Ami-muha has earned its name and made its place in the market very quickly as compared to other competitors. We have re-engineered the art of producing products. We have different department to produce our Products. Precision is another factor which is most important while attaining best results, we are master in that! Yes, we NEVER compromise on quality on any stage of our production, be it a selection of top quality, Processing, Dying to cutting and stitching to quality-check phase, quality is strictly maintained on very step. We don't stop here, we make sure order is fulfilled timely and customer is satisfied. "We don't earn money, we earn customers", this is our motto in our business. That's why our job is not finished once customer gets his product. We remain in touch with our customers to make sure he is enjoying the quality of our product.

Sex Toys & BDSM Gear:

Ami-muha is the original internet source for quality sex toys. We've been selling sex toys, bondage gear and restraints on the internet since 2013. Our online catalog features 500+ adult products, including a large selection of bondage restraints, BDSM & Electro sex, Chastity, Leather and Latex Fetish Wear, Ball gags, Vibrators, Harnesses, and other sex toys.

We work hard to demonstrate our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. The service we provide is prompt, convenient, discreet and responsive to your needs, whether you're a kinky beginner or an extreme player.

Leather Wears:

Ami-muha proudly presents our latest collection of fine leather Wears. Ami-muha offers high quality product standards, prompt delivery, large in-stock programs as well as competitive pricing and a helpful sales team to serve over 500+ customers around the world.

Founded in 2013, Ami-muha represents a tradition of excellence in design and manufacturing. The company’s constant devotion to new product development, through leather innovations, design trends and new color combinations, keeps Ami -muha Leather at the forefront of the industry.

Our Mission:

"Quality is Not Their Standard, It's Their Habit"

As Quality is Our habit, So Our mission is to Manufacture World Class Products Of Outstanding Quality that give our Customers A Competitive Advantage through superior Products and value, So we can make every Customer Smile.


Ami-muha believes in quality achievement in all stages of our products making, from the finest collection of raw material to the finished products, every step is a combination of art and engineering. Our highly trained staff is specialized to produce the best quality for the market. That's why we have a proven record of customer satisfaction.

Industry's Best Practices

Because we have mastered the complete engineering of our Products. From the selection of top quality leather to the dying, cutting, stitching and quality control, all steps are as per the industry's best practices. From the very first look and feel, you'll find our products to be unique and appealing.

Vast Range of Products

You find a vast variety of leather wears & Sex Toys under one roof containing most modern and stylish to the vintage.

Top Quality Satisfaction.

Used and recycled leather....No. We use 100% genuine and top class new leather & Steel to produce finest quality for our customers. Every time you buy from us, you will find our maintained standards for quality leather.

Complete Buying Consultancy

Years of experience have mastered our skills in the engineering of producing leather Wears & Sex Items and our valued customer can be benefited from our expertise on every stage, from design to size selection and beyond. 

Best Return of Money

We make sure that you get best returns of money. On one hand where we are offering you top quality engineered products followed by industry's best practices, on the other hands, our products are priced very carefully to compete the market. We don't price high! That's why our customers buy from us again and again.

Service After Sales

Our services are not limited to time you pay and get your product delivered. We offer our advices, guidance services even after sales. Our customers are welcome to contact us any time for information and advices on the products purchased from us.

Thousand customers and companies as our valued customers

Our asset is our customers. They are not only permanent buyers but also a sign of satisfaction to us. We continuously work hard on earning customers not earning money. This is our motto. It is more than anything when our customers give us a good feedback for the purchased products. We give high value to their comments and feedback that help us improve our quality to the highly precision level.

Our History